We are pleased to present you the sixth addition of the JACK: breaking.

On a fundamental level, breaking was an appropriate topic for the sixth edition as with it we are breaking away from having solely the conventional printed magazine, moving to an online format and podcast contributions. This has been an exciting transition for us and came at quite an appropriate time considering that 2020 has been a year of progressively moving to online formats.

Scan of the actual editorial how it looks like in the zine.

The theme of breaking offered multiple alleys of exploration that were embraced in all our contributions as writers and creatives broke stereotypes, articulated broken dreams and wrote about the breaking of values that have given them stability in their lives. We could not have guessed the rich diversity of the topic from our first brainstorming sessions – from the political to the personal, from light-hearted rambles to profound poems, from casual doodles to researched scientific discussions. Dealing with breaking was, however, not always an easy task for us as there were often times where we sought to repair and bring together rather than to break. This may be something that you too will be faced with throughout this sixth edition.

Some of the visuals are especially demanding as they evoke the desire to bring together and create a coherent whole. We invite you to explore this breaking as this journey has taught us that often something needs to break before it can once again be fixed. More than this, for us, there is a beauty in breaking points that offer the potential for change.

We would like to thank everyone who helped with this issue and supports the journalism committee on the path of trying themselves as journalists, editors, web-designers, illustrators and future social media editors. Thank you to everyone who contributed with their ideas, their thoughts, their creativity and their, making this sixth edition of the JACK possible.

Now, we invite you to dive into this fascinating issue on breaking. Who knows, there may be some breaking happening on your behalf dear reader? 

Windy Wishes,

Zoë & Mareika

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