“What is your perfect moment?”

Humans of Freiburg –
Eun Jae (21): “When I feel myself expanding.”
Jule (22): “Drinking Gree Ice Tea at Phu Coffee in Naan, Thailand.”

The Legend

I’m not a real person. I’m a legend.He dated Madonna before she was Madonna and turned up to art openings in $1000 Armani suits splattered with vibrant colors. Jean-Michel Basquiat is probably the most famous artist of the 80s. His fame was absolute, making the jump from New York’s underground graffiti scene to the world’s biggest art galleries.


Maybe you know them from your grandparents’ living room, flea markets or antique shops: pendulum clocks. They were invented more than 300 years ago by the universal genius Galileo Galilei and were common until the beginning of the last century when the more precise quartz clocks came up.

Poem of a Moment

Once, while singing,
dancing, ringing
when dreams and plans
started fulfilling;
life was full
of purity.