On Feeding the World

Sustainable approaches to nourish a growing world population.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner. A coffee break to fight the afternoon low. Beers and nibbles with friend in the evening. We eat a lot.

Hunger of the Pine

An alternating semi tone like a radar sets a mellow, impelling scene. Alt-J’s lead singer Joe softly whispers: Sleeplessly embracing Butterflies and needles Line my seamed-up join.

An Inspector Calls

The talents behind UCF’s art committee “Arts Liberated”.
The curtain rises. A simple living room, a seemingly simple family dinner – laughing happily, dressed completely in white.

Empty Heart

BY Christiane Greif x ILLUSTRATION Lukas Wiehler I ́m hungry! Give me bread I ́m hungry!  I buy a car, a castle, a plane, I ́m hungry!  I have gold, and diamonds, and beautiful friends, I ́m hungry!  I make them sing my song, my friends and my enemies, I ́m hungry!  At night a … Read more