Take part!

Hey you creative souls!

If you are wondering what exactly this is all about and whether you can be a part of it, continue reading, find out and take action.

We always picture the process of writing, editing, publishing and reading articles, creative writings, stories, poems and what else our authors come up with as a process and state of progress that continues and develops over time. In order to let process and progress evolve, communication and exchange are key factors. With this website as a virtual space for exchange of thoughts, we invite all of you to be a part of the JACK esaping the fixed territory of our printed magazines. Here, you can react to articles, art, or podcast published and for example send in your personal, responding text.

When your commentarial reaction is received by our team, we will get in touch with you and eventually your response can open up a new dialogue on this website. – Hopefully emerging into new thought-provoking discussions.

So, do not hesistate, comment on things that provoke something you would like to share and let’s start to breathe life into the JACK virtual space!